Clarification for form ADT-I

Clarification for form ADT-1 Companies Act, 2013-filed through GNL-2 under the companies Act, 2013

General Circular No. 06/2019

F.No.01 / 22 / 2013-CL-V

5th Floor, ‘A’ Wing Shastri Bhawan,
Dr. R.P. Road, New Delhi

Dated: 13.05.2019


All Regional Directors,
All Registrars Of Companies,
All Stakeholders.

Subject: Clarification for form ADT-1 Companies Act, 2013- reg. filed through GNL-2 under the companies Act, 2013-reg.


In continuation of General Circular No. 09/2014 dated 25.04.2014. the
Ministry of Corporate Affairs has received representation from stakeholders
seeking relaxation of fee for filing c-form I particularly form ADT-1 filed
through GNL-2 during the period from to 20.10.2014 for  appointment of Auditor for the period from 01.04.2014 to 31.03.2019 due to  non availability of e, form ADT-1 during the said period.

2. Accordingly, the matter has been examined and it is hereby clarified that
companies Which had filed Form ADT-1 through GNU. 9 as an  selecting ‘others) during the period from 01 to 10.2014 may file C- form no.Al)T-l for appointment Of Auditor for the period upto 31.03.2019 without fee till 15.06.2019 (since fees had been paid for filing GML-2 for the same purpose) and thereafter fee and additional  fee shall be applicable as per Companies (Registration Of Office and Fees) Rules, 2014.

3. Stakeholders arc advised to avail this one time opportunity and file Al)T- I
without fee as stated above. well in time and adhere to the time lines as specified above.

4. This issues with approval of the competent authority.

Yours faithfully

KMS Narayanan)
Assistant Director (Policy)
Ph: 23.387263


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