Due Date for TDS Returns under Section 192

In para 3.6.1 in clause (a) below the table at page 4 of the captioned Circular, the words “3 years” appearing in line I may be read as “5 years”.

2. The table in para 4.9.1 on page 9 of the captioned Circular may be read as under:
TABLE: Due dates of filing Quarterly Statements in Form 24Q

Sl. No. Date of ending of quarter of financial year Due date
1 30th June 31St July of the financial year
2 30th September 31st October of the financial year
3 31st December 31st January of the financial year
4 3 1 st March 31St May of the financial year immediately following the financial year in which the deduction is made

[Refer to Notification No. 30/ 2016 dated 29.4.2016]
3. In para 5.5.10 in clause (d) at page 26 of the captioned Circular, the words “Rs.2000/-” appearing in line 2 may be read as “Rs. 5000/-“.

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