ICAI marks manipulation

ICAI admits Revision of Marks before declaration of CA result

In a shocking development  The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has admitted that there is revision of Marks before declaration of CA Results. ICAI has the power to revise marks obtained as per Regulation 39(2) of The Chartered Accountants Regulations’ 1988.

Regulation 39(2)

The Council may, in its discretion, revise the marks obtained by all candidates or a section of candidates in any particular paper or papers or in the  aggregate in such manner as may be considered necessary, for maintaining the standards of pass percentage provided in these Regulations.

Explanation — The term “section” used in this sub-regulation refers to the category of the candidates whose answer papers are valued by an examiner and such other category of candidates as may be specified by the Council.

Announcement dated 15.10.2016

Certified copies of answer books in respect of CA examinations are being made available to those candidates who apply for the same, under the scheme formulated for the purpose.

It is seen that upon receipt of certified copies of answer books, some candidates notice that in some papers, marks awarded to them on the answer books are at variance with those on the statement of marks issued to them and seek clarifications.

In this connection, it is hereby clarified that

Variance of marks between those on the answer books and those on the statement of marks issued to candidates is on account of revision of marks by the Examination Committee, under regulation 39(2) of the CA Regulations, 1988 prior to declaration of results of the examination;

Such revision is taken into consideration while processing the results and the revised marks are shown on the statement of marks;

Such revised marks are not indicated on the answer books of the candidates and

Marks in the statement of marks issued to candidates are final.

Therefore, candidates are hereby advised to be guided only by the marks/exemptions that are indicated in the statement of marks issued to them, which may include the revision of marks, if any, that might have been effected by the Examination Committee under regulation 39(2) of the CA Regulations 1988 and not by the marks on the copies of answer books, which do not include the revision of marks, if any, effected by the Examination Committee.

Further, it is hereby informed that exemptions, if any, granted to a candidate in an examination are indicated on the statement of marks by way of a “ # “ sign against the marks of the paper in which exemption is granted and in such cases, where a candidate is granted exemption, the result of the group would be shown as “F-EX”, i.e. failed with exemption.

Candidates are advised to take note of the above and verify the status of exemptions, if any, that they think that they had been granted in a paper, from the statement of marks sent to them and not on the basis of marks stated on the certified copies of answer books.

Further candidates may also visit www.icai.org and read the FAQs on the subject, hosted thereon.

Exemptions granted to candidates valid for the November 2016 exams are also hosted on http://icaiexam.icai.org.

Candidates are advised, in their own interest, to visit the website and check the status of their exemptions valid for the exams to be held in November 2016.

ICAI Examination Department.

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ICAI Announcement 15-Oct-2016

ICAI Regulations 1988