IDS can be filed without PAN

Central Board of Direct Taxes, Ministry of Finance clarifies vide clarification no. 10 dated 28th September, 2016 that assessee who don’t have PAN and wanna declare their income can file the declaration.

It has been decided that in such cases a declaration under the Scheme can be filed manually before the jurisdictional Pr.Commissioner/Commissioner by quoting the date and acknowledgment number of PAN application form. The Pr.Commissioners/Commissioners are directed to accept such declarations.

But, the jurisdictional Pr.Commissioner/Commissioner shall issue Form-2 only after the allotment of PAN to the declarant. The time limit provided for issuance of Form-2 under sub-rule (3) of rule 4 of the Income Declaration Scheme Rules, 2016 in such cases shall apply from the date on which PAN has been allotted to the declarant. In case, PAN allotment could not be made due to non-compliance/non-furnishing of documents by the declarant, the declaration shall be treated as invalid.



Copy of Clarification