Unsolicited SMS is banned

Unsolicited SMSs, WhatsApp and emails by prospective candidates is banned by icai

For Attention of Members and prospective candidates for election to the Council and Regional Councils, 2018

Sub: Unsolicited SMSs, WhatsApp and emails being received by members from prospective candidates

The election to the Twenty-Fourth Council and Twenty-Third Regional Councils are scheduled to be held in December, 2018.

We have started receiving complaints from members that they are receiving unsolicited SMSs, WhatsApp and emails from prospective candidates/their representatives seeking support for their candidature at the forthcoming elections to the Council and Regional Councils to be held in December, 2018.

We request the prospective candidates to kindly maintain restraint since frequent unsolicited communications only disturb the members (i.e. voters). 

It may be pertinent to add that the Council of the Institute, at its last meeting, has decided to treat such violations as “bringing disrepute to the profession/Institute” and move to the Central Government for bringing in requisite amendments in the laws/rules.

Cooperation of the prospective candidates is solicited in the matter.


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